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Piles Treatment

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Ayubhumi Tablets Is The Only Medicine That Eradicates The Hemorrhoids Problem From Root

Powerful Piles matrix Normalize Pressure In Veins and Heals Mucous Membrane and Ruptured Veins Responsible for Bleeding
Reduce Swelling And Pain in Hemorrhoids Directly In Rectum And Anus And Help In Hemorrhoids Treatment Without Surgery
Helps In Easy Excretion Of Waste And Toxic Free Radical
It is Capable To Remove Any Bacteria Such As Hpylori and Help Regulate Natural Gut MicroFlora To Restore The Balance And Remove The Root Cause Of Diesese
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This herb reduces iron deficiency. Pure & finest extract of 90:1 ratio is used to utilize its full potential

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This herb provides protection from infectious diseases. Pure & finest extract of 90:1 ratio is used to utilize its full potential

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As per ancient ayurveda this herb is best used to maintain the kapha and pitta (agni). Pure & finest extract of 90:1 ratio is used to utilize its full potential

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This herb have been used in India for over two millennia for its medicinal properties. Pure & finest extract of 90:1 ratio is used to utilize its full potential

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This herb cures bleeding disorders and heat balance. Pure & finest extract of 90:1 ratio is used to utilize its full potential

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A very important herb as it cures infection in intestine, inflammation, cuts & wounds. Pure & finest extract of 90:1 ratio is used to utilize its full potential

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This herb is also known as “disease killer”. Pure & finest extract of 90:1 ratio is used to utilize its full potential

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This herb relieves abdominal colic, gastritis. Pure & finest extract of 90:1 ratio is used to utilize its full potential


The way we prioritise our lifestyle activities in the modern day has led to our health taking a significant hit. Irregular eating routines, junk food and problems related to digestion have resulted in a drastic increase in piles,fissure and fistula among people and feel embarrassed to see their doctor about problem.it has been seen that piles can affect both men and women.

One of the most prominent ailments seen in men and women who are in their late 30s and 40s that of piles and fistula

The journey to recovery

While Ayurvedic medicines for piles do exist, correction of metabolic errors and lifestyle modification is the key to curing piles. Charting out a healthy diet plan and weeding out harmful activities from your daily routine can gradually help people with piles and fistula recover naturally.

Ayurveda has identified numerous herbs and natural ingredients that have proven to work as a remedy for Piles,

At Ayubhumi Ayurveda Hospital &Panchkarma, we have used these key ingredients to cure Piles - an Ayurvedic proprietary oral supplement is to treating the root cause that leads to piles, anal bleeding and haemorrhoids.

Key Ingredients

Touch-me-not plant is a well known ayurvedic herb to treat bleeding piles. It contains alkaloid mimosin, which alleviates pain and reduces inflammation. The phenolic content and antioxidant action of this plant accelerates wound healing. In Ancient period, Ayurvedic physicians prescribed a decoction made using touch-me-not plant to treat piles. External application of leaf paste was used traditionally to cure pile mass.

Elephant foot yam has been popularly used for treating piles and fistula. An excellent source of fiber, it regulates bowel movement and prevents constipation and improves metabolism due to the presence carbohydrates and fiber.

Guggul resin best known anti-inflammatory herb in Ayurveda. It helps in reducing the inflammation in fistula-anorectal and hemorrhoidal conditions. Guggul is a laxative and astringent agent that easily metabolizes the bioactive etiologic component of hemorrhoids, especially toxins (ama). The gum resin is proved to be a rich source of steroids that relieves pain and itching.

Turmeric with its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties prevents the attack of secondary microbial infection and arrests the bleeding in hemorrhoids. It also helps reduce anal itching.

How Ayurvedic medicine can help in treating PILES

Using a careful balance diet, lifestyle and some natural ingredients can help:

Reduces rectal bleeding

Alleviates pain & itching

Relieves Chronic constipation

Controls anal protrusion, inflammation and swelling

Facilitates easy bowel evacuation

While Ayubhumi Ayurveda Treatment is effective ayurvedic medicine to cure Piles.we would recommend a slightly altered variation for people suffering from severe bouts of haemorrhoids.

A stress-free life awaits!



In Ayurveda piles are known as ''Arsh'' and it causes pain like pricking needle. Piles are stratified into dry and bleeding categories.As per Ayurveda anal canal is souurounding by three major veins named as samvarni, visarajni and pravahani. Just after these major veins there is an external opening. These veins swell up an dprotude out if there is too much strain inside anal canal. Ayurveda considers it as Digestive disorder.

As per Ayurveda, imbalance of any of three energies (VATA, PITTA,& KAPHA) results in any health complications. Aggravated pitta dosha causes digestive problems which results in impairment of jathargni (digestive fire) and accumulation of ama (toxins) in digestive gut. These toxins leads to disturbance and flatulence which further leads to aggravation of vata dosha.

It can be non-bleeding (dry) i.e shushkarsha or bleeding condition during defecation known as Raktarsh.

According to Ayurveda vitiation in any of three doshas may cause piles shows different symptoms which are categorized as:-

  • Vata type of piles:- Acute pain and constipation is felt.

  • Pitta types of piles:- These piles are soft and reddish in colour.

  • Kapha type of piles:- These piles are large,soft and whitish in colours.

In piles veins around the anus or lower rectum gets inflamed and swollen.

Anal canal is last part of large intestine which is about 4 to 5 cm long.It is situated between rectum and anus.Lower part of anal canal has opening in the outside known as anus which passes faeces. Its inner lining contains small blood vesssels.Swelling may occur inside and around lower rectum and around anal opening.

Piles are also known as hemorrhoids.Hemorrhoids are masses cushions of tissue in the anal canal- these are full of blodd vessels,support tissue,muscle and elastic fibres.

These arise from several different factors like increased pressure of internal or external veins around the anal canal,improper diet,constipation & hereditary etc.




It is the most common than external hemorrhoids.It occurs above 2 to 4 cm from the opening of anus.These are generally painless because there are less pain sensing nerves in the rectum.

1. Grade 1 or First Degree:- These are common.In this, the hemorrhoid tissue bulges into lumen of anal canal and small swelling may occur on the inside lining of anal canal.These cannot be seen or felt from outside.

2. Grade 2 or Second Degree:- These are larger.It may be partly pushed out from the anus when you go to the toilet but quickly goes back.

3. Grade 3 or Third Degree:-In this, pile mass hang out when you go to toilet. You may feel one or more as sma;; soft lumps hang from anus.However,you can push them back into anus.

4.Grade 4 or Fourth Degree:- Pile mass permanently hangs out from anus which cannot go back to anus.It is quite large.


It occurs in the lower part of anal canal.It is painful condition because there are lots of nerve fibres which are responsible for pain.


In this condition both internal and external piles occur together.


Bleeding on defecation

prolapse of pile mass

pain & itching in anal region

mucus discharge



Due to Pregnancy

Ageing factor

Improper diet





Rectal examination

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